AI in Healthcare

Using power of artificial intelligence to aid healthcare workers in diagnosis, real tine patient monitoring and management of medical equipment across hospitals.


AI Enabled Patient Monitoring System

  • The health vitals of the patients like ECG, EMG, temperature, breathing rate, oxygen saturation and so on can be collected using the sensors and transmitted to IOT cloud platform.

  • This health data is further used for data analytics and then used to predict if there is any abnormal condition or to predict the disease.

Remote Operations for Monitoring and Controlling Medical Equipment

  • The IOT sensors transmits the data to the IOT cloud platform.

  • The IOT sensors transmits the data to the IOT cloud platform.

  • Healthcare technicians can access via a special portal or mobile applications and in turn control them from any remote location.

  • The feedback and the actuator systems helps to make the equipment to perform the operation that has been assigned by the doctor or the technician.

Intelligent Scanner (PET/SPECT/CT/MR/X-ray)

  • Usually the PET scanner principle is to detect the functional information of our organs but not the anatomical information.

  • Using image enhancements we can combine image acquired from PET and MRI to get both functional and anatomical.

  • Now the image is given as input to the CNN(neural network model) to detect any abnormal changes or tumors.

Real Time Tracking of Medical Equipments

  • The data from the different equipment will be sent to the common Cloud database.

  • Edge computing is implemented in order to get only useful data into the cloud. This could be achieved by coding in embedded level.

  • Using Big data analytics we could cluster the data according to the user needs.